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AS-NZS 2589-2007.PDF.jpgAS 2589:2007 Gypsum linings- Application and finishing : Ốp tấm thạch cao- Ứng dụng và hoàn thiện-2007
ASTM B 117-03.PDF.jpgASTM B117- 03 Standard practice for operating salt spray(Fog) apparatus-2003
ASTM C1183- có bản dịch.PDF.jpgASTM C 1183-91 Standard test method for extrusion rate of elastomeric sealants-1991
ASTM C1193- có bản dịch.PDF.jpgASTM C 1193-00 Standard guide for use of joint sealants-2000
ASTM C 123 - 04 Standard Test Method for Lightweight Particles in Aggregate : Phương pháp thử các hạt nhẹ trong cốt liệu-2004
ASTM C 1403-00.PDF.jpgASTM C 1403-00 Standard test method for rate of water absorption of masonry mortars-2000
ASTM C 1585-04.PDF.jpgASTM C 1585- 04 Standard test method for measurement of rate of absorption of water by hydraulic- cement concretes-2004
ASTM C 465-99.PDF.jpgASTM C 465-99 Standard specification for processing additions for use in the manufacture of hydraulic cements-1999
ASTM C 595-03.PDF.jpgASTM C 595-03 Standard specification for blended hydraulic cements-2003
ASTM C732- có bản dịch.PDF.jpgASTM C 732-95 Standard test method for aging effects of artificial weathering on latex sealants-1995
ASTM C734- có bản dịch.PDF.jpgASTM C 734-93 Standard test method for low-temperature flexibility of latex sealants after artificial weathering-1993
ASTM C736- có bản dịch.PDF.jpgASTM C 736-00 Standard test method for extension- recovery and adhesion of latex sealants-2000
ASTM C 989-04.PDF.jpgASTM C 989-04 Standard specification for ground granulated blast-furnace slag for use in concrete and mortars-2004
ASTM C1082-1998.PDF.jpgASTM C1082 Standard specification for asbestos-cement flat sheet for cooling tower fill : Yêu cầu kỹ thuật về tấm amiăng-xi măng phẳng cho tháp làm nguội-1998
ASTM C1157/C1157M-11 Standard preformance specification for hydraulic cement-2011
ASTM C1202-97(có bản dịch).PDF.jpgASTM C1202-97 Standard test method for electrical indication of concrete's ability to resist chloride ion penetration-1997
ASTM C150/C150M- 15 Standard specification for portland cement-2015
ASTM C220-91.PDF.jpgASTM C220-91 Standard specification for flat asbestoss-cement sheets : Yêu cầu kỹ thuật tấm amiăng-xi măng phẳng-2009
ASTM C223-98.PDF.jpgASTM C223-98 Sandtard specification for asbestos-cement siding : Yêu cầu kĩ thuật tấm amiăng-xi măng-2008
ASTM C 33-02a.PDF.jpgASTM C33-02a Standard specification for concrete aggregates-2002